The 16th

Asan Rhinoplasty Symposium

Featuring Live Surgical Demonstration,

Video Demonstration, and Lectures

May 18 (Sat) ~ 19 (Sun), 2019

Asan Medical Center Grand Auditorium, Seoul, Korea

Welcome message

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you all to the 16th ASAN RHINOPLASTY SYMPOSIUM (ARS), which will be held in May 18th to 19th, 2019 in Seoul. In this 16th event, many leading rhinoplasty surgeons from US,China,Turkey, and Korea will deliver their most up-to-date knowledge on rhinoplasty. In addition to the informative lectures, the program will be highlighted by three live surgeries, and edited video session.
Live surgery will cover typical open rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty via closed approach, and filler-injection rhinoplasty. Video session will feature various edited videos of rhinoplasties performed by real masters of rhinoplasty.
Lectures will include a discussion about deviated nose, tip surgery, nasal valve surgery, revision rhinoplasty, and dorsal augmentation. Not only the unidirectional lecture and presentation, this meeting will also provide an opportunity for each and every participant to share their experience and discuss most up-to date knowledge in rhinoplasty.
Seoul, the heart of South Korea, is known for its distinctive beauty, historical past, and ultra-modern present. The attraction of Seoul will make your visit worthwhile.

Dear colleague, please come and enjoy all the academic programs and cherish our friendship.

I look forward to seeing you all in Seoul in May 2019

Professor Yong Ju Jang
Course director of the 16th ARS
Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Asan Medical Center
University of Ulsan College of Medicine
Seoul, Korea



Name Affiliation
Abdülkadir Gökse Istanbul, Turkey
Benjamin Marcus University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Neil Zhang Dalian University, Dalian, China
Michael Kim Oregon Health Science University, Portland, USA
Donald Yoo Beverly Hills, LA, USA


Name Affiliation
Ahn, Tae Hwan Fresh plastic surgery Clinic
Choi, Ji Yun Chosun University
Heo, Sung Jae Kyungpook National University
Hwang, Kyu Sung Doori ENT&Rhinoplasty Clinic
Hyun, Sang Min Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic
Jang, Yong Ju University of Ulsan
Kang, Il Kyu Gachon University
Kang, Jae Goo KimYangPark ENT Clinic
Kim, Chang-Hoon Yonsei University
Kim, Hyo Yeol Sungkyunkwan University
Kim, In Sang La Bom plastic surgery clinic
Kim, Ji Heui University of Ulsan
Kim, Jong Seung Chonbuk National University
Kim, Jun Mo S-Top clinic


Name Affiliation
Kim, Jung Soo Kyungpook National University
Kim, Soo Hwan Catholic University
Kim, Young Hyo Inha University
Kwon, Jae Hwan Kosin University
Kwon, Taek Keun AONE Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery
Lee, Joohyung Catholic University
Lee, Kun Hee Kyung Hee University
Lee, Tae Hoon University of Ulsan
Mun, Sue Jean Pusan National University
Park, Hyo Jin Dr. Coco Plastic Surgery
Shim, Woo Sub Chungbuk National University
Won, Tae Bin Seoul National University
Yu, Myeong Sang University of Ulsan


Day 1: Saturday, May 18th, 2019

08:00 – 08:30 Registration
Symposium 1 : Session 1.Patient Selection and Perioperative Care / Moderator : Yong Ju Jang
08:30 – 09:30 Rhinoplasty in the age of social media Michael Kim
Psychological characteristics of male patients seeking rhinoplasty Kun Hee Lee
Patient selection and psychology in rhinoplasty Abdülkadir Göksel
Simulation of rhinoplasty patient using 3D scanner Yong Ju Jang
Postoperative management after rhinoplasty Myeong Sang Yu
09:30 – 09:45 Coffee break
Live surgery I. / Moderator : In Sang Kim
09:45 – 12:15 Open rhinoplasty using costal cartilage Yong Ju Jang
12:15 – 13:10 Lunch
Live surgery II. / Moderator : Jae Goo Kang
13:10 – 15:00 Rhinoplasty-closed approach Kyu Sung Hwang
Edited Video Session / Moderator : Benjamin Marcus
15:00 – 15:30 Endoscopic rib harvesting Abdülkadir Göksel
How to harvest temporalis fascia
Paste cartilage and a FRF for fine tuning
Deviated nose Yong Ju Jang
Hump nose
Augmentation rhinoplasty
Live surgery III. / Moderator : Kun Hee Lee
15:30 – 16:00 Filler rhinoplasty Jun Mo Kim
16:00 – 16:20 COFFEE BREAK
Symposium 2 : Nasal tip / Moderator : Abdülkadir Göksel
16:20 – 17:20 Basics for tip modifications techniques Michael Kim
New technique in the nasal tip plasty; sandwich technique using PCL mesh, septal cartilage and bone complex Tae Hwan Ahn
Various technique to correct bulbous nose Sang Min Hyun
Long term results of tip projection after tip plasty in North-Eastern China Neil Zhang
No scar tip surgery in rhinoplasty:pearls and pitfalls Joohyung Lee
Lessons from my first 50 rhinoplasty cases / Moderator : Yong Ju Jang
17:10 – 18:10 Easy mistakes, foolish mistakes Ji Heui Kim
Ready to deal with postoperative minor complications? Sue Jean Mun
Rhinoplasty techniques with an endonasal approach Jong Seung Kim
Trials and errors you shouldn’t’ repeat Young Hyo Kim
Discrepancy between surgical findings and postoperative findings Sung Jae Heo
18:30 Welcome Reception and Dinner

Day 2: Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Symposium 3 : Nasal valve surgery / Jung Soo Kim
08:20 – 09:30 Functional rhinoplasty: essential assessment and techniques Myeong Sang Yu
Nasal valve surgery: How I do it Soo Hwan Kim
Batten graft for correction of septal deviation Jung Soo Kim
Management of nasal valve dysfunction in Asian rhinoplasty Woo Sub Shim
Dynamic valve repair-a clear algorithm Benjamin Marcus
The butterfly graft –strong can be beautiful Benjamin Marcus
Symposium 4 : Hump nose / Chang-Hoon Kim
09:30 – 10:20 Rhinoplasty using ultrasonic bone aspirator Jae Hwan Kwon
Piezo rhino sculpturing (Diamond rhinoplasty) Abdülkadir Göksel
Hump nose in Asians-A redistribution surgery Tae Bin Won
Nuisance in hump nose correction Yong Ju Jang
10:20 – 10:40 Coffee break
Symposium 5 : Dorsal augmentation and costal cartilage / Neil Zhang
10:40 – 12:30 Versatility of rib cartilage Taek-Keun Kwon
How to adjust thickness of costal cartilage dorsal graft Jae Goo Kang
Autografts for rhinoplasty Ji Yun Choi
How to make and use fascia wrapped diced cartilage Donald Yoo
Comparison of DTF and rectus fascia for nasal augmentation Taek-Keun Kwon
Why and how do I use costal cartilage in rhinoplasty Neil Zhang
My experience about TPFL in augmentation rhinoplasty Il Kyu Kang
Glued Diced costal cartilage with soft tissue cap Yong Ju Jang
Dorsal height modification for Asian rhinoplasty Chang-Hoon Kim
12:20 – 13:20 Lunch
 Symposium 6 : Deviated nose / Hyo-Yeol Kim
13:20 – 15:00 Plastic surgeon’s perspective for deviated nose Taek-Keun Kwon
Spreader graft revisited Chang-Hoon Kim
Extracorporeal septoplasty- 200 cases, what I have learned Benjamin Marcus
Crooked nose tricks Abdülkadir Göksel
Rhinoplasty using surgical guide Tae Hoon Lee
Nasal osteotomy revisited Kun Hee Lee
Tips in making the nose straighter Tae Bin Won
Personal perspectives for deviated nose correction Hyo-Yeol Kim
15:00 – 15:20 COFFEE BREAK
 Symposium 7 : Complications and revision / Taek-Keun Kwon
15:20 – 17:00 Common reasons for my revisions and their solution Yong Ju Jang
Tips for a successful revision rhinoplasty In Sang Kim
Post-rhinoplasty infection: why it happens and how to manage Yong Ju Jang
Short nose correction with polycaprolactone (PCL) Hyo Jin Park
Adipose-derived stem cell injection for successful correction of contracted nose Tae Hwan Ahn
Simplified approach to rhinoplasty In Sang Kim
Unification: rhinoplasty architecture that lasts for long term cosmetic results Benjamin Marcus


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Before May 12th After May 12th & On Site
Specialist USD 300 USD 350
Resident/Fellow USD 250 USD 300

*Reistration fee include free lunches and welcome dinner

Cancellation on or before 12th May 2019: 70% refund/ Cancellation after 12th May 2019: No Refund.


Hotel around the Asan Medical Center

A. Asan Medical Center
(88, Olympic-Ro 43-Gil, Songpa-Gu, Seoul 138-736, Korea)

1. Olympic parktel (
Distance from AMC: 940 m

2. Lotte Hotel World (
Distance from AMC: 2.1 km

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6. InterContinental Seoul Coex (
Distance from AMC: 7.2 km


Take airport bus* → take off at Jamsil Station → take a taxi or bus to Asan Medical Center**
(“AsanByeong-won” in Korean).


By Airport Limousine
Incheon Int’l Airport (Time required: approximately 110 minutes / Bus Stop: 5A, 11B)
Airport Limousine to Jamsil (#6006) → Jamsil Station → Bus (#4318) or Taxi
Airport Limousine to Gang Dong Gu (#6006) → Seoul Olympic Parktel (Hotel) → Bus (#4318, 8431) or Taxi